Handmade Comfort

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Natural Goodness

Natural wool & recycled leather come together to shape a durable product you can wear when warming up, stretching and between the climbs.

For Your Time-Off in the Gym

Warm-up, stretch and rest between the climbs in comfort

For Your Training

Double gains! (Not scientifically proven)

Feel the World Under Your Feet

On that long awaited day in the crag

"We started Shleps for fun and to learn how business works. Now it's serious.
We want to bring Shleps to climbers Worldwide." 

Liudas & Edu, The Founders

Social Impact

Shleps are handmade and homemade by our knitters who work from the comfort of their homes, at a pace they are comfortable with. We bring the opportunity to earn one's living where it is most needed - to the elderly and into the rural regions of Lithuania.

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